Build a Data-Driven SAAS Product Release Program

Through a combination of the OnBoarder technology and our proprietary templates and services, SAAS companies are building product release communications programs that develop deep channels to the right customers, along with priceless insights.

Continue below to learn how OnBoarder is helping SAAS companies to cure app fatigue and reach across their entire community.

Connect Targeted Product Release Communications to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Through the integrated OnBoarder application for, a SAAS product release program can be leveraged to improve the data in your CRM, alert commercial teams to opportunities and guide critical decisions.

Improve Data - Engagement data helps an organization to keep their customer data relevant. As professionals move from one position to another, there is rarely a notification. Course engagement in OnBoarder, automatically fed to, keeps that data up-to-date.

Alert to Opportunities - Questions on new features help to move customers to adoption decisions. Built-in tools alert services engagement professionals to customer needs.

Services to Succeed

A powerful SAAS product release program is about more than technology. Information must be structured to support delivery needs. Our team provides a number of services to help SAAS providers to structure their communications according to a proprietary format that generates data for deep insights.

  • Support SAAS communications content development projects
  • Build OnBoarder communications plans and configurations to support each release
  • Develop automation to use OnBoarder data for improved commercial processes
  • Create custom dashboards and analytics to support the SAAS release program

Experience OnBoarder - No Demo Needed

Contact us and we will send you a link to go through a course in an OnBoarder portal. Once you've completed it, we can do a deep dive on everything that was accomplished.