Anyone can build automated on-boarding programs with OnBoarder

Upload presentations, organize into courses, enroll participants, track progress & field questions through virtual parking lots. OnBoarder is training technology that is built for business.

Traditional learning platforms are designed for high schools and colleges, not business. This is why most companies end up using their LMS strictly for policy dissemination. They simply aren't built to support the wide range of training needs that every business faces, such as the frequent need to deliver educational media to customers, partners, project team members, event attendees and more. OnBoarder's design was done entirely with business in mind taking input from commercial leaders, customer success managers, project managers and trainers. Click the button below to learn how OnBoarder Online works.

How It Works

Integrations connect OnBoarder across the enterprise

Connect customer success, partner and employee on-boarding to sales & marketing operations through the integrated App.

OnBoarder Online has a wide range of built-in integration tools to connect courses to, MailChimp, Amazon S3, ftp and many others. Give everyone the ability to build customer facing training and communications using an approved pool of content. Automatically create contacts in, track engagement and automate through a NO CODE application.

How It Works


The Tools to Build Powerful, Automated, On-boarding Programs for Customers, Partners & Employees

It takes minutes to build an automated, integrated, customer, partner and employee on-boarding program.

Use the full featured App.

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It's this easy

  • Upload a PowerPoint and other media
  • Organize into a course
  • Build assignment rules based on rules & groups
  • Monitor progress, answer questions
  • Use the on-boarding data in sales & marketing processes

Experience OnBoarder - No Demo Needed

Contact us and we will send you a link to go through a course in an OnBoarder portal. Once you've completed it, we'll show you everything that was accomplished through the course.